About Our Programs

Our Languages and Programs:

Our Dual Language Programs are two:

1)Spanish/ English - Located at Ward, Jefferson, and Trinity Elementary Schools...And now at Columbus Elementary School as well, starting in grades K and 1
2) Italian/ English - Located at Jefferson School (Grades 3 - 5) * For Italian K-2, families should apply to Barnard School where Italian FLES (Foreign language in Elementary School), is offered.

Families interested in Spanish /English CILA should fill-in and return an Interest From provided to students during the Winter of the student's Kindergarten year (usually by the end of February). 

Our Program's History

Our programs came about as a result of community interest and School Board support.

The Spanish-English program started in 2000 at Ward Elementary School.  It expanded to Trinity in 2002. Jefferson followed in 2007. Davis Elementary School opened its first class in 2012. The Italian program, grades 1 and 2, moved to Barnard in 2013.  

The Italian-English program started in 2008 as the result of the Italian-American heritage community interest with the Support of IACE, the Italian American Committee in Education.