Curriculum Outlines

Curriculum Outlines

Following a three-year process of aligning the instructional program with the New York State Learning Standards, the Administration of the City School District of New Rochelle developed outlines of major concepts and skills in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Below are links to Curriculum Outlines for each elementary grade level which are downloadable. (Files are in PDF format.)

Kindergarten:  Kindergarten Outline
Objetivos de Apredizaje Kindergarten:  Kindergarten

Grade One:  Grade 1 

Objetivos de Apredizaje Primer Grado: Primer Grado

Grade Two:  Grade 1 Curriculum Outline
Objetivos de Apredizaje Segundo Grado:  Grade 2 Curriculum Outline Spanish

Grade Three:  Grade 3 Curriculum Outline
Objetivos de Apredizaje Tercer Grado:  Grade 3 Curriculum Outline Spanish

Grade Four:  Grade 4 Curriculum Outline
Objetivos de Apredizaje Cuarto Grado:  Grade 4 Curriculum Outline Spanish

Grade Five:  Grade 5 Curriculum Outline
Objetivos de Apredizaje Quinto Grado:  Grade 5 Curriculum Outline

Barnard Early Childhood Center:  Barnard_ECC_Report_Card

CILA - Children's International Learning Academy

English-Spanish Kindergarten to Grade 2      English  En Espanol
English-Spanish Grades 3 to 5  English   En Espanol

Italian Kindergarten to Grade 2 Italian K-2