Technology Staff Development

As technology becomes more widely available, there is compelling need to provide professional development to support educational reform goals and New York State standards; to model collaborative inquiry based learning; and to guide teachers towards incorporating the global infrastructure in instruction.

A graduated structure for staff development to integrate instructional technology into the curriculum and extensive and ongoing training opportunities will be required so that staff continually updates skills and stays abreast of the latest technologies available to educators.

Technology Professional Development Goals

  • Utilize authentic problem solving techniques to demonstrate the value of technology.
  • Provide staff development opportunities to model those strategies and techniques that may be applied in the classroom. Have teachers experience the same activities that engage their students.
  • Focus on curriculum integration, classroom management, assessments, and problem solving which will be useful in classrooms.
  • Provide staff developers from in-district staff and/ or others who are knowledgeable about local curriculum and learning goals.
  • Encourage and support multiple opportunities for training and practice.
  • Seek to hire new staff members who have competency in technology.
  • Use, to the greatest extent possible, the Staff Resource Center and on-site personnel in each building for training and support.
  • Support teacher collaborative groups in the development of lessons and projects such as web pages, Web Quests, and Smart Boards. 
  • Offer workshops and formal course work to support staff development for staff members at different technology levels as illustrated below:


(basic requirements) 

Word Processing

Electronic Mail

Use of the Internet


Introduction to Multimedia

Instruction Station Management

Classroom Management

Computer Assisted Instruction

Computer Managed Instruction

Library Systems


(based on job function and project requirements) 

Word Processing

Desktop Publishing



Software Integration


Intermediate Network


Web Publishing

Assistive Technology and Assessments


(for technology staff and trainers) 

New Software Releases

New Hardware Releases

Network Management Communications





System Management

Training Teams for Assistive Technology