The Smart Board interactive whiteboard turns one computer and projector into a powerful tool for teaching.  The “SMART" Classroom model incorporates (1) computer with Network connections, (1) projector (preferably ceiling mounted), (1) printer, and (1) 72” Smart Board.

With a computer image projected onto the interactive whiteboard, teachers and students can simply press on its large, touch-sensitive surface to access and control any application or Internet resource. Using a pen from the SMART Pen Tray, teachers and students can work with ease at the whiteboard to write notes and highlight important information then save them to a file, web page or CD or print them and give to students!

Smart Boards our 05-06 Instructional Technology Initiative

Our Instructional Technology Initiative is centered on integrating technology directly into the curriculum. Smart Boards will provide our students from K-12 with the ability to seamlessly incorporate multimedia resources, curriculum materials, network software applications, and Internet based content to enhance teaching and learning.  These Smart Boards will be hands-on integration tools for both students and teachers. Our focus will be centered on 6-12 mathematics and writing skills to start then develop into the elementary classroom environment.  

Smart Boards will allow us the tool to take classroom notes, presentations and video streams of lessons and place them on the teacher’s web page for the student to access anywhere, anytime-for practice and review.  The Smart boards will also be incorporated into our technology staff development program by providing training in new software applications and teaching techniques for New Rochelle faculty and staff.

Smarter Kids Foundation Grants

Since 1997, SMART has supported the research program of the SMARTer Kids Foundation. During that time, both academics and K–12 teachers have undertaken extensive research, largely focused on the effects of using SMART Board interactive whiteboards in the classroom. Much of the research examines improvement in students' attitudes toward school, but there is also hard data that points to dramatic improvements in learning.

The City School District of New Rochelle received a Smarter Kids Foundation Grant and a NEC LCD Projector Grant for the 05-06 school year!