Dear All,

We have received a few helpdesk calls concerning some newer flash drives not being able to be used on the school district networks in the buildings. These newer flash drives now come with U3 software loaded onto them. It is the U3 software on these drives that is not permitted on the network. Let me explain....
U3 software...This is software that most of the major flash drive manufacturers are loading on their drives. Basically, the U3 software allows you to "carry your favorite software, preferences, profiles, and data" on your USB drive. This is pretty neat. No matter which computer you're at, you can still run your favorite browser, email program, and many other applications and when you're done, they leave no trace on the computer.  The problem is what is set on your home machine and the software licenses you personally have, cannot be placed on school district network machines and we cannot support it U3.  This is why it won't work on the network.

While the U3 software is neat, we really had no use for it on the network. Unfortunately, when you plug the drive with U3 in, it pops up the U3 splash screen, adds an icon to our system tray, and mounts some sort of CD drive in My Computer in addition to the drive itself. There isn't any spyware involved, and everything goes away when you remove the USB drive, but our network policies do not permit this on our machines.
Best way to resolve this is on your home computer. If you personally purchased a flash drive with U3, and you want to use this type of flash drive on the district network, you will need to uninstall the U3 from the drive. Then you can use the drive on the network. 
Special Thanks to Larry Swack, our BOCES Lead Tech, who found this out in a Geek blog forum!