Columbus Goes Green!

Columbus Elementary Cares…

The students of Columbus School have been involved in sustainable, student-run environmental initiatives for 6 years.  A group of 5th graders serve as the Recycling Rangers by collecting the paper for recycling in our school.  The Recycling Rangers also help educate the school about the importance of recycling, saving energy and reducing garbage by making weekly announcements.  They also take an active part in communicating with the teachers, students and custodial staff about the recycling efforts within our school by writing letters, giving out awards and providing informational presentations to the classes about school recycling.

Our 5th graders are also involved in two other lunchtime clubs that address the needs of caring for our greenhouse, outdoor pond and fish tanks within the building.  These students learn how to care for the plants, animals and habitats so that the rest of the school has access to living things such as plants in winter, an assortment of animals and the beauty of a fish tank.  The Greenhouse Gardeners also work with younger grades on projects such as planting fall bulbs, sunflowers in spring and caring for vegetable gardens.  They also “fill” any orders from classroom teachers such as delivering planters, soil, gravel, and seeds.  The Pond Patrol helps keep our Columbus Pond clear of debris and works on creating informational posters about the pond.  They help support classroom use of the pond as well.

We are also part of the Seimens We Can Change the World competition with an afterschool club for grades 3 and 4 meeting twice a week.  The students are learning about how our school uses resources and energy and ways to save and reduce.  The students will be dividing up into smaller teams as they choose group projects to address issues and come up with solutions that can be put into action around the school or community.  We have taken pollution walks around the school and discussed littering, student responsibility, recycling, composting and reducing the amount of paper used on a daily basis within our school.  We have been reading books and talking about how changes can be made within our school and community.  This is a very active group of youngsters will be completing their project proposals by January as they participate in this worthwhile competition.