COVID-19 Updates



SCHOOL CLOSURE: All New Rochelle School buildings remain closed through the end of the academic year, in accordance with a directive from Gov. Andrew Cuomo made May 1.  

ELECTION/BUDGET VOTE: The new date for the Annual Election/Budge Vote has set as June 9, 2020, as per Executive Order from Gov. Cuomo. The election will be held via absentee ballots to all qualified voters of the District, including pre-paid postage on return envelopes. Voters do not need to submit an application for an absentee ballot for the June 9 Election/Vote. Absentee ballots will be mailed automatically by the District Clerk to all qualified voters in the District. 

Find the legal notice describing the budget hearings, annual election/votes for the City School District of New Rochelle and the New Rochelle Public Library.

Legal Notice - English

Legal Notice - Spanish


TAX DEADLINE: The deadline for the school tax bill is extended to May 31, a month later than originally scheduled. Read Board of Education President Amy Moselhi's message to the community.

FREE INTERNET ACCESS: Altice announced that it extended both the free Altice Advantage Internet program and its school offering through June 30th to ensure that students can stay online for the remainder of the school year. 

QUARANTINE GUIDELINES: Quarantine Guidelines for essential workers exposed to the virus have changed. Essential workers are now expected to remain at work even if exposed to the virus, as long as they remain symptom-free and undergo extra monitoring. Read the CDC's guidelines for essential workers and its overall guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

CHROMEBOOKS: Personal Chromebook computers are now available to elementary school students who don’t have access to one at home. We encourage parents to fill out the request form before picking up their child’s computer at New Rochelle high school.

FOOD DISTRIBUTION: Food distribution continues for families in the New Rochelle School Community. There are six distribution locations offering food for pickup daily. Find more information on this homepage.

Distance Learning Center

Find all the resources you need here.








Click the screenshot to watch the video introduction to the District Learning Plan:

The Distance Learning Center has customized plans for students to continue their education during the extended school closure. Each student (with the help of a parent or guardian for elementary students) is responsible for checking this site regularly for updates and emailing teachers directly with specific assignment questions. Click on the "Introduction to the Distance Learning Plan" link below and follow the appropriate tab to find your specific assignments.


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Budget and Election Information

On June 9, voters will vote on the 2020-2021 budget and elect two members each to the New Rochelle Board of Education members and the New Rochelle Library Board of Trustees. Here are lists of the candidates and the latest information on the budget: 


Watch a video on the budget here:


Budget at a Glance


May 7, 2020 Presentation

 May 5, 2020 Presentation

Budget Timeline

Reserve Funds  

Covid-19 Resource Center

Keep informed about how the City School District of New Rochelle is taking precautions against Covid-19, including the District's P.R.E.P. plan, now the model for New York State. 










Read the District's Covid-19 plan in English or Spanish. Read the NYS K-12 school guidance.

Call the NYS Department of Health Novel Coronavirus hotline at 1-888-364-3065.

Download the "Stop the Spread of Germs"  infographic in English or Spanish.

Resources from the CDC:

Answers to Survey Questions:

Submit your questions here in English or Spanish.


Messages from the Superintendent regarding Covid-19:


Watch Board of Education meetings here

Board of Education meetings are held via Zoom video conference during the COVID-19 crisis, per executive order of Gov. Andrew Cuomo to prevent gatherings of people. On the day of the meeting look for a link here to watch.

Watch the previous Board of Education meetings here. Board of Education meetings are held on Zoom in accordance with Gov. Cuomo's executive order allowing public meetings via tele/videoconference to avoid gatherings of people during the COVID-19 pandemic. The public will not be permitted to attend the meeting, and public comment will not be allowed. Check back the day of the next meeting for the link to the Zoom meeting.


BOE Budget Review Session, May 7, 2020


The Board of Education held a May 7 review session on the Superintendent's 2020-2021 preliminary budget. Click the screenshot to watch the meeting. To watch with Spanish subtitles, start the video and click on "cc" in the lower right. Then click on "Español." More past meetings can be watched here.




Valedictorian Named Merit Scholar

Congratulations, Abigail Kazakov!  

The New Rochelle Class of 2020 valedictorian has earned a National Merit Scholarship. Here is the City School District of New Rochelle's announcement of the achievement:

New Rochelle High School Valedictorian Named National Merit Scholar

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (May 13, 2020) – Abigail Kazakov, New Rochelle High School’s 2020 valedictorian, has received a National Merit Scholarship. The science-minded senior was among 2,500 winners selected from across the country, chosen from a talent pool of 15,000 outstanding finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Kazakov said she was honored to be selected and anxious to apply her love of learning at Stony Brook University’s Scholars for Medicine Program in the fall. Medicine combines her two passions: science and helping people. Kazakov has her eye on an MD in either general medicine or pediatrics and can already imagine what her impact might be. “Every day, you know that you’re making a difference in a family’s life or a person’s life, and every day you’re learning about new treatments and diagnostic methods,” she said.

She credits New Rochelle High School with helping her satisfy her early curiosity. “The wide variety of opportunities and choices offered in classes and extracurricular activities really enriches you and opens your eyes to the different careers that are out there,” she said. “The school offers such a variety of intense advanced courses that make you into a very hard worker.”

Her teachers say that whatever the opportunities, Kazakov came prepared to learn.

“In my eighteen years of teaching, she is among the top five most brilliant students I have ever had,” said Dr. Nazar Rabadi, who taught her in several advanced math classes.

Friendly, caring and generous with her time, she is quick to pull her desk alongside a classmate’s to help with a problem in group projects, Dr. Rabadi said.

“She’s very outgoing and she has a wonderful personality,” he said. “She goes above and beyond what the teacher asks her to do.”

Superintendent Dr. Laura Feijóo saluted Kazakov’s achievement and her contribution to the school.

“We know that Abigail will reach amazing heights and we are proud to know that she will do so with a New Rochelle education as her foundation.”

New Rochelle Board of Education President Amy Moselhi joined in celebrating her achievement.

“On behalf of the Board of Education, we are incredibly proud of your achievement and grateful for your diligent work and willingness to help your classmates. Congratulations!”

This year’s National Merit Scholarship Program began in October 2018 when more than 1.5 million juniors in approximately 21,000 high schools took the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, the initial screen of program entrants. Last fall, the highest-scoring participants in each state – a total of 16,000 students, representing less than one percent of the nation’s high school seniors – were named Semifinalists on a state-representational basis. Of those, 15,000 met the academic standard to become finalists.

National Merit $2,500 Scholarship winners announced today are the Finalists in each state judged to have the strongest combination of accomplishments, skills, and potential for success in rigorous college studies. The number of winners named in each state is proportional to the state’s percentage of the nation’s graduating high school seniors.

Kazakov, her award in hand, has her eyes on the horizon. “Who knows where medicine will be in fifty years?” she said. “I am very curious to see where this path will take me.”

                                                                               # # #

District Events

  • Memorial Day/Eid al-Fitr - District Closed

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • Health & Safety Committee

    Central Administration, Carew Room

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • Public Hearing on the Proposed 2020-2021 Annual School Budget

    7:00 p.m.

    Link will be posted on website prior to meeting

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • Shavuot (First Day)

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • Shavuot (Second Day)

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • PTAC Installation Dinner

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • BOE - Regular Meeting

    NRHS, LEK Theatre

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • ALMS PTA Meeting

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • Barnard PTA Meeting

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • HS Senior Awards

    City School District of New Rochelle
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Phase II Reports

All of the schools in the City School District of New Rochelle have submitted their Phase II Reports. In these reports, each school highlighted information from the Phase I Report, provided input into the District's Priorities for the 2019-20 school year, and indicated the direction they feel is best for the school district to consider in their 2020-21 school year priorities. This information will guide the District as we set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals. 





Phase II Reports

Phase I Reports

In Our Schools

Food Distribution Update Center

The City School District of New Rochelle is continuing to provide you information on our efforts to distribute food while the schools are closed. We recognize the on-going hardship many families are facing. Here are the sites where you can receive food starting March 15.  

  • New Rochelle High School House IV parking lot 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • 95 Lincoln (WESTCOP) 9:00am - 4:00pm (extended hours)
  • 345 Main Street (New Rochelle Housing Authority) 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (extended hours)
  • Trinity Elementary School 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Columbus Elementary School 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • City Park 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (extended hours)
What food is being distributed and who can access it?
In an effort to set expectations, we must clearly articulate that the CSDNR will prepare 5,000 breakfast and 5,000 lunch meals in New Rochelle High School to be distributed at the above locations. The food is made by the district is targeted for all students who are out of school as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The CSDNR is limited to serving students when using taxpayer dollars to purchase and cook the food.
We will continue to work with Feeding Westchester to get food that would be made available to anyone in the community at our food distribution sites. Food provided by Feeding Westchester includes breakfast bags and family boxes, containing enough food for a family of four for three days.
It should be noted that we did not receive sufficient food on Friday to supply to each site. We have not received confirmation yet regarding the food they can provide on Monday. 
The district’s priority is to educate and feed our students. Whenever possible, we will continue to facilitate the availability of food from feeding Westchester at our sites.
Other individual organizations and community groups have been providing access to food in New Rochelle. 
The Union Baptist Church on 466 Main Street will have food distribution beginning March 17. HOPE Community Services will implement the following changes during the containment period: Food Pantry hours have been extended to Mondays Wednesday and Friday from 2:00 - 6:00 pm and this Soup Kitchen will operate Monday through Friday providing hot take-out meals to the community.

Our Mission

The City School District of New Rochelle, through an active partnership amongst community, parents, staff and students, will provide a high quality and challenging education for every child, in a safe, nurturing environment that embraces our rich diversity and drives our success.